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If you’re an entrepreneur, artisan, head of an association, private individual or other, you are obliged to deal with tax formalities. Tax is a complex issue and a lack of knowledge of the regulations and/or failure to meet payment deadlines can easily lead to difficulties for the entrepreneur or private individual.

We keep a day-to-day eye on changes in the regulations and are experienced in the difficult task of tax optimization, so we can help you with your formalities:

  • Drawing up your business tax declarations (Corporation Tax, VAT, etc.)
  • Permanent assistance and advice on tax for your company
  • Optimizing your tax situation
  • Assistance with tax inspections
  • Drawing up your personal tax declarations (Income Tax, Wealth Tax, etc.)
  • Individual accounts and personalized finance plan
  • A tax examination of your personal situation (study, monitoring and accompaniment)
  • Technical consultation concerning your project

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