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Over many years we have developed specific expertise in the property sector, particularly for foreign investors. These investments are very varied in terms of both private assets and property acquisitions (villa, château, chalet, winery, etc.) and professional activities such as property development, buying/selling operations or land subdivision.

Are you looking to invest and/or locate your business in France without having to worry about the social, tax, accounting and legal issues specific to France?
We offer a range of services to all types of property investors. As a private individual, you can consult us on the choice of legal structure appropriate to purchasing a property in France.

Are you a foreign investor looking to set up or take over a company in France?
We offer special accompaniment for non-residents and measure all the tax and social consequences of owning a property in France.

Are you a foreign looking to open a subsidiary in France?
With our cosmopolitan team and professional expertise, we can meet the needs of foreign companies in the following ways:

  • Support the company set-up in France (branch, liaison office, subsidiary, etc.)
  • Assist the company in complying with its French obligations and those of its group
  • Accompany the company’s development in France

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