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Management consultancy & strategy

Management consultancy & strategy

In addition to our key missions, we design and use instruments to monitor your activity and results, such as budgets, management charts, cost accounting, production cost calculations, etc.
Because to run your business effectively, you need to have a clear view of your situation.

Start-up and development accompaniment

  • Drawing up forecasting documents
  • Drawing up a budget and cash flow monitoring/plan
  • Start-up accompaniment: strategic choice of your structure
  • Searching for finance, grants and subsidies
  • Finance chart

Accompaniment in your day-to-day management

  • Setting up and monitoring monthly management charts: simple management and key indicators
  • Analyzing costs, margins and profitability
  • Setting up and monitoring analytical and budget controls
  • Assistance in preventing and dealing with difficulties in your company
  • Flash indicators
  • Drawing up a budget
  • Reporting and accounting situation
  • Presentation of ratio indicators (margin, coefficients)
  • Analyzing your internal control
  • Cash flow management
  • Sector analysis and comparison
  • Annual “review” meeting
  • Analysis and accompaniment in choosing a property investment or purchasing a vehicle
  • Forecasts, finance chart
  • Financial and sector analysis

 Decision-making aids

  • Drawing up a development forecast (assumptions and simulations)
  • Vehicle purchase simulation and comparative study
  • Property purchase simulation and comparative study

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