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Today, social management is an important part of the organization and development of your company. As an employer and director, you have a wide range of complex obligations and you also have to deal with constant change and the complexity of the regulations.

Our missions:

  • Recruitment:
    salary/cost to the company simulation, drawing up the employment contract, single declaration of employment (DUE) and employee set-up
  • Company life:
    drawing up pay slips, social security and tax declarations, writing various letters (suspension, warning, etc.), long-service award document
  • Employee departure:
    full and final settlement, redundancy, transaction, contract termination
  • Social audit
  • Social welfare:
    setting up special schemes (top-up pension, provident scheme, etc.), compliance of provident scheme and top-up pension contracts
  • Retirement:
    retirement assessment, retirement request application
  • Regulations and legal:
    ensuring the compliance of mandatory notices in the company, training in labour law, assistance with URSSAF inspections, setting up special schemes (employee savings, profit-sharing, etc.), procedure for electing employee representatives, social information

Our know-how:

  • A specialist team with experience of social management
  • Knowledge of your company that allows us to pinpoint opportunities or alert you to certain possible pitfalls
  • Our technical expertise: ongoing training obligation, regular monitoring of texts and constant development of our tools
  • Our code of ethics that guarantees independence and discretion

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