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Statutory Auditors

Statutory Auditors

We adapt to your specific needs and highlight the risk areas: evaluating and certifying your financial communication, creating a climate of trust with your partners, minimizing the risk of internal fraud by securing the process, anticipating the risks linked to changes in the market, making you more competitive by analyzing your business sector, etc., are all reasons for entrusting us with your audit.

Legal audit

In partnership with S.G.C.C. our auditors certify, in complete independence, that your company’s financial information is honest, check internal procedures and compliance with the legal and regulatory provisions that apply to your company.

Contractual audit

We can accompany you in your development operations or carry out an in-depth examination of one of the functions in your company.

Our missions

  • Legal audit of the annual accounts
  • Examination of the interim accounts
  • Mergers, contributions and transformation auditor
  • Assistance with negotiations
  • DUE diligence
  • Social, legal, tax and organizational audit
  • Legal and arbitration expertise

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