You’re a foreign investor

You’re a foreign investor

Are you a non-resident looking to invest in property in France?

France has a wide range of property taxes and an idiosyncratic tax system. You need to have a sound knowledge of this before you embark on buying a property as a main residence, second home or investment.

Certain questions need to be answered:

  • Set up a company to buy the property? The legal and tax system will differ according to which status you choose;
  • What are the different property taxes that I’ll have to pay?
  • How are my capital gains calculated if I sell?
  • Are you looking to rent out the property? How is the tax calculated?
  • If you acquire the property as a commercial company, did you know that there is a 3% tax on properties owned by certain foreign legal entities?
  • Wealth tax (ISF): what is the threshold for applying it? What are the pitfalls to avoid, and what are the possible tax exemption options?

Before you invest, it’s essential to take a close look at your legal, tax and family situation and find out what your property purchase is actually going to cost.

Our multilingual team has all the expertise required to advise and accompany you in your investment project.

Are you a foreign company looking to develop your business in France?

There are specific regulations governing foreign companies setting up business in France and you need to be aware of them.

You’ll need to be able to answer a number of questions to ensure that your project is viable:

  • Do I have the right to carry out my business in France?
  • Liaison office, branch or subsidiary… which form should I choose and what are the formalities?
  • How can I manage the set-up phase safely when I don’t have a clear knowledge of the French legislation?
  • What are the main taxes in France?
  • If I send a representative to France, what will his salary be? What social security cover will he have?
  • How do I recruit an employee in France?

Our mission: To provide you with customised accompaniment to help you set up business successfully in France.

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