Are you within the scope of the French IFI?

Are you within the scope of the French IFI?

French tax authorities are late this year issuing the IFI tax notice. We highly recommend you to check your mail box to avoid any late payment and penalties that could be added to your taxes. You might receive it until beginning of November/December 2018.

The IFI’s payment can be made online or by traditional payment method:

  • If your tax is less than or equal to € 1,000: you can pay your IFI online, by smartphone or tablet, check or TIP SEPA upon receipt of your tax notice.
  • If your tax is superior than or equal to € 1,000: payment must be made online, by smartphone or tablet.

Please note that in case of non-payment before the payment deadline mentioned on the tax notice, penalties of 10% calculated on the tax, will apply.

We now offer a personal tax domicile in our office in order to receive any tax mails on your behalf and avoid any late payment and consequently the application of penalties for late payment.

Our Office can also provide assistance and accompany you within the framework of this payment and propose to carry out on your behalf the required formalities relating to the payment of such Tax.

Feel free to contact us if you wish our assistance.

We remain at your service for any further questions.

Best regards


Are you within the scope of the French IFI?

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