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Commitments – Acting now to achieve success in the future, with you and for you

Today, we are involved in the day-to-day development of over 400 companies and 20 associations. We have therefore demonstrated our strong commitment by promulgating the Entrepreneurs’ Pact  and the Associations’ Pact to build and develop a trusting relationship with you and carry out innovative, winning projects.

A pact for entrepreneurs and associations

Preparing your personal and professional future:

  • accompanying you, from company start-up to hand-over, or from the prise, or from the setting-up to the development of your association, with a continuous presence and recourse to experts
  • helping to improve your business or associative strategy
  • adapting your situation to legislative reforms
  • considering events in your life and providing you with independent, individual advice

Accompanying as soon as it’s necessary

  • giving you access to functional management tools
  • searching for the best financial solutions and helping you negotiate them
  • upholding your interests with the authorities
  • for companies, analysing your competitors’ situation and, for associations, assisting in contacts with public and private funding bodies

Advising for sustainable growth

  • anticipating the key stages in the life of your company or association and assessing the impact of each scenario
  • helping you arbitrate your investment options
  • building in the social and environmental factors and making them your new levers for growth
  • measuring the financial balances of your actions and helping you improve them

Finding your margins for progress

  • identifying your business indicators and defining opportunities for optimisation
  • deploying new human and technical solutions
  • improving your administrative, accounting, legal, social and tax structure
  • giving you the means to improve your cash flow management

Maintaining a trusting relationship

  • meeting you to discuss your professional and personal or associative issues
  • providing you with a written report on our main discussions and taking the appropriate follow-up action
  • offering you a simple, clearly defined intervention framework
  • giving you access to the full range of expertise from the partners in the France Défi group

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