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France Défi

We are an independent member of the France Défi group, France’s leading group of independent chartered accountants and statutory auditors.

Since 1989, the France Défi group has brought independent chartered accountancy and statutory auditing firms together, based on shared values: quality, service, innovation, information exchange, synergy and complementarity.

The aim?

To keep us a step ahead in the accountancy and audit profession market.

By organising into a group and pooling human and material resources, France Défi’s member firms are able to call on the services of an operational team responsible for providing professional and technological intelligence.
This is a strategic development that allows each firm to independently manage its development while providing the highest levels of performance and competitiveness to address changes in the market.

The independent chartered accountants and statutory auditors who are members of the group benefit from France Défi’s leading position in the market.

Its benefits:

  • a strong regional presence,
  • an extensive knowledge of the entrepreneurial world and its problems,
  • heavily involved with the associative clientele.


France Défi offers firms the opportunity to:

  • Optimise their own management and the measurement of their performance: management system, organisation and methods, information system, human resources, I.T. and digital strategy, financial management …
  • Consolidate the firm’s governance, clarify the medium and long-term strategy, formalise the commercial positioning … Tackling these fundamental issues helps to develop and consolidate the company.
  • Progress in terms of the quality of the services offered and improve productivity.

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