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We rely on a local and international network of contacts: lawyers, notaries, bankers and experts in professions that complement our own.
They work with us to provide you with the most appropriate services.



We are proud to be part of PrimeGlobal, a powerful group of independent firms operating in no less than 90 countries and representing 810 geographical locations with a combined turnover of 2.1 billion US dollars.

Through the shared experiences of network members – highly qualified professionals worldwide – and the pooling of accounting, tax, social and legal documents, we are kept even more fully up-to-date with the latest news from the member countries.

Our accompaniment for foreign investors is maximised as we can directly obtain key information concerning their country of origin. For our French clients looking to conquer international markets, we can offer customised advice and extremely detailed recommendations. PrimeGlobal gives us access to the state of the economy in the target country/countries, based on reliable, verified documents, keeps us up-to-date with local administrative processes and formalities and provides us with local contacts: trusted professionals who share the same values of quality, independence, expertise and proximity.

Our association with PrimeGlobal thus aims to offer you the fullest possible accompaniment.

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