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Société Générale de Commissariat aux Comptes

Société Générale de Commissariat aux Comptes

Our services

Legal mission: to certify the accounts

  • Accompany your company over the long term and contribute towards the reliability of the accounts
  • Draw up any report required by the Code of Commerce relating to operations to increase the capital, reduce the capital or transform the company
  • Prevent difficulties for the company and their consequences
  • Provide an oral or written report explaining the work done during the mission as defined in the letter of assignment
  • Analyze internal control, inform the director of the positive points observed and any weaknesses detected, and work with him to examine possible improvements.

Contractual mission: to offer more than certification

At your request, we can accompany you to suit your needs and offer certain services that may or may not be linked to the legal mission, such as:

  • Certifying the interim accounts prior to a loan application
  • Checking the relevance and consistency of the provisional accounts
  • Providing certificates to help obtain subsidies
  • Carrying out an in-depth procedural audit on a function in your company
  • Carrying out an acquisition audit prior to an acquisition process

Our advantages

  • We are part of France’s leading group of independent firms: FRANCE DEFI
  • We use specific computerized analysis and control tools, adapted to your sector, and regularly updated
  • We take part in steering and technical guidance committee meetings on the latest legal, environmental, tax, accountancy, social and quality news
  • Our teams are stable, competent and constantly trained specifically for legal audits

Contact : Albert Paris
Commissaires aux ComptesPhone : +33 (0)4 93 16 55 67
E-mail :

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