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Our services

Company domiciliation:

For whom?

  • If you don’t necessarily need offices or premises for your business, or don’t have sufficient financial resources, company domiciliation enables you to establish your business at a lower cost by not having to rent offices on a permanent basis. Business domiciliation means that you don’t have to pay a commercial lease and charges on premises…
  • It’s also an ideal solution for French and foreign companies that would like to be established in the region without having to have a property infrastructure. Sign a business domiciliation contract with us and we’ll help you to obtain a legal registered office and the use of the address on all your business documents
  • For all entrepreneurs looking to set up their company without delay and at the lowest cost.

Our domiciliation service includes:

  • Receiving your mail and placing it at your disposal in our offices,
  • Forwarding, scanning and e-mailing your mail within 48 hours (optional),
  • Dealing with your registered letters (by proxy),
  • Meeting room hire (optional).

Tax representation:

Are you a French or foreign company or a private individual – non-resident or French?

As tax agents or tax representatives, we specialize in taking over and processing all obligations, formalities, declarations and payments relating to your operations in France and the European Union and/or abroad (in both directions).

Contact :
Phone : +33 (0)4 93 87 01 08
E-mail :

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