You’re a private individual

You’re a private individual

Looking for help with your tax situation? Need some guidance in managing your assets?

Based on our 45 years’ experience, we have developed a range of customised services to meet the needs of private clients. For example, we have the expertise to deal with:

  • Your personal tax declarations: income tax, wealth tax (ISF)…
    We’ll draw up these declarations in compliance with the tax rules and will choose the best possible solutions, according to your situation, to optimise the tax burden on your assets.
  • Your rental property declarations
    Rental income declarations can prove complicated for both furnished and unfurnished properties, especially where tax exemption arrangements ae involved.
    We have total expertise in rental income declarations, with or without tax advantages.
  • Your declarations and social constraints as an employer
    Do you employ a home help, housekeeper or gardener? If so, you are subject to several types of legal and financial liabilities:
    Should I draw up an employment contract?
    How do I declare the salaries?
    What tax reductions can I claim?
    Do I have to pay any charges?
    It may appear difficult to become or be an employer: we have all the tools required to assist you.
  • Managing and passing on your assets
    Through our partner PATRIMOINE & ASSOCIÉS, we’ll help you optimise your asset management and will recommend the most appropriate ways to help you achieve your goals:

    • Protect your spouse and children.
    • Optimise your income.
    • Reduce your taxes.
    • Prepare for your retirement.
    • Hand over your company or, more generally, your assets.
      We provide a periodic review to help you adapt your decisions to changes in your assets and long-term goals.
  • Assisting you during a tax audit
  • Do you have a real estate investment project?
    We’ll work with you to find the ideal solution in terms of choice of status: own name, “société civile immobilière” (SCI), unfurnished rental, furnished rental, etc.
    We’ll help you draw up a forecast budget or business plan.
    We’ll help you draw up the document you need to have your project approved.

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