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Hotels & Catering (CHR)

Choosing an accounting firm is always difficult. Very happy with my change. A truly different approach and ability to listen. And above all, no problems with the most challenging issues… #movingforwardtogether.

David VAQUE @ Bistrot Gourmand, client since 2014.

Hotels & Catering (CHR)

Your business

A major player in the tourist industry, the hotel and catering sector is helping France to remain the world’s leading tourist destination and therefore plays a significant role in the French economy. However, the sector currently has to face up to a number of challenges, including the increasing difficulty in recruiting staff and constant changes in the health and safety standards.

Your challenges

Your sector, the 4th biggest private employer in the French economy is currently modernizing in economic and social terms and its approach to integrating young people, and is changing rapidly with regard to sustainable development.
In a highly competitive environment, yourability to invest in order to remain attractive to your clientele is certainly a key factor for success in your profession:

  • How do you cope with cash flow problems?
  • What employment incentives can you claim?
  • How do you anticipate the new standards that are to be imposed?
  • Is your occupation right high enough?

Our services

In the face of these many issues, we’ll accompany you in the day-to-day management of your establishment. From setting up to transferring your establishment, and from managing to developing your business, we’ll work alongside you to advise you, accompany you day after day and help you protect your asset.

By analyzing the cost of the materials you consume and the cost of kitchen and restaurant staff compared to your earnings, we can help you confirm your initial targets or make the required corrections.

We can also use our database to compare your company with professional standards.

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