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Property professionals

The firm Ruff & Associés is a high-quality partner that contributes to our company's health through genuine skills, professionalism, listening to our problems and providing the right solutions, and a great ability to understand the complexity of our business.

Corinne GIORDANENGO @ QAUTIO, client since 2009

Property professionals

Your business

The property market in France is rightly considered to be a refuge investment, just like gold and works of art. The sector is characterized by the traditional move to set up a structure adapted to a specific property development programme; another decisive component of property development is to use large amounts of capital to fund operations. As a result, property accounting is organized differently.

Your challenges

Risk management is a key part of your job, especially as you are operating in what is often an unstable market.
Property tax is idiosyncratic: VAT option, deduction of certain charges, tax on rental incomes, the impact of social security contributions, capital gains tax, etc. You need advice from the project study phase.

Our services

Our firm has a department specially dedicated to property investors that will accompany you in your needs relating to accounting, tax, working out the cost price and managing your company.

Building and property development professionals (developers, property agents, etc.): our team of specialists will help you optimize your investment, monitor it with peace of mind and face up to the complexity of the market and constantly changing regulations.

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