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Small & medium-sized companies

For 25 years now, Ruff & Associés has supported me in my daily activities as a director. Their expertise and advice are an invaluable help in managing my companies. Thanks to them, I can focus on what's essential.

Philippe MURRIS @ L'Investisseur en Gestion, client since 1992

Availability, Listening, Advice: 3 qualities I was looking for in a public accountant. I can count on their responsiveness and support in all situations.

Etienne PANIS @ 3S2I, client since 2013

Small & Medium-sized companies

Your business

Over the last few years, the work of the small and medium-sized companies, however diversified, has been made increasingly complex by growing and changing demands on the part of their main customers – consumers and professionals. Your small and medium-sized companies have a very special place in the region’s production system. They are located throughout the region and help to drive the economy and maintain local employment.

Your challenges

Your daily activities are fraught with stress and difficulties: and yet, if they had to start afresh, nearly 3 out of 4 entrepreneurs would choose to run a company again.
According to a study carried out by IPSOS (10 April 2014), you need average extra time of 3hrs 18 minutes to completely fulfil your role as head of the company. That’s why we know that you have high expectations when it comes to accompaniment. A company’s accounts are difficult to manage, which is why we recommend using a chartered accountant. Most of you say that you don’t have time for many of the key tasks involved in developing your company.
This lack of time is particularly acute in very small companies in which the head of the company obviously finds it less easy to delegate tasks.

Our services

With over 40 years’ experience in accompanying entrepreneurs, we have developed innovative and adapted  solutions to accompany you and relieve you of complex tasks such as administrative formalities, financial management, legal advice, searching for finance, managing business expenses, etc., and leave you to concentrate on your core business.

We seek to be available and reactive in order to:

  • Give you the keys for some of your decisions: “Is it better to buy my future vehicle or lease it?”
  • Prepare the information you need to help you take positive investment decisions or the more difficult decision to cut jobs.
  • Meet your bank manager and explain to him in the technical terms that he expects that your company’s results enable (or will enable) you to repay the loan you have asked for.

We’re delighted when, as a result of our employee’s involvement in monitoring your activities, you, as the head of the company, have been able to make the right decisions at the right time to get you through this lingering crisis and save the company.

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