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For 30 years, I have been working with the firm Ruff & Associés for my various companies in the wine sector. The teams' rigour, efficiency and know-how are very reassuring; the personalised advice of Gérard Ruff and Andy Rivals is always relevant. They have a global vision of my companies that sheds light on which strategies to adopt for the future – this is what has always convinced me and strengthened my decisions as head of a company. Precious advice!

Michael Latz @ Concept Emballage, client since 1986


Your business

Synonymous with excellence and incomparable know-how, French wines are known the world over. You are the artisan and entrepreneur. We work with you to sustain the vitality of this key sector of the French economy.

Your challenges

Between the new standards and the volatility of agricultural raw materials, it’s a daily challenge to keep to your operating budget, etc.
How do you manage it? What decisions should you take? What is the production price of the stock?
With changes in environmental standards, you’re faced day after day with the challenges of a complex and demanding world. Wine-making is particularly affected by the climate aspect. With increasingly frequent bouts of bad weather, you could find yourself in difficulty… Setting up, buying or taking over an agricultural estate requires legal, accounting, social and management skills that often make heavy demands.

Our services

Our employees specializing in wine-making undergo continuing training to help them anticipate on your behalf. They act as “co-pilots” to accompany you day after day using tools and skills designed alongside you.
Production, sales, company and human resources management… the wine-maker needs to have a wide range of expertise: we realize this and are there to help you in your life as an entrepreneur.
There is no ideal legal structure for setting up a winery. The entrepreneur needs to decide on the status most appropriate to his project and his goals; we’re on hand to listen and provide you with tailor-made solutions.

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