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CSR Policy

We are aware that all our employees spend long hours at work. We therefore believe it’s important to do everything we can to ensure that they feel comfortable here: in fact, the partners see it as a crucial issue.

We are constantly looking for new ideas and services to improve employees’ daily lives and are open to any reasonable suggestions.

Bearing in mind all the pressures that our employees may be under, we’ve introduced a certain number of services to improve the quality of life in the firm:

  • Sports coach: every Tuesday after working hours, a sports coach is available to anyone who wants to devote themselves to the joys of outdoor sport for 1hr30;
  • Delivery of local products: we work with a local firm; the products come from local, regional and French producers: freshness and flavour guaranteed, delivered direct to the office!
  • Cycling accountant: the firm provides city bikes free of charge which employees can use for their work-based travel during the working day, during their break times and for the journey between home and work;
  • Sports competitions: every year, we take part in sports competitions such as the marathon, relays and 10 km races. The firm covers the full cost of registration;
  • Visiting beautician: a beautician who works from home travels to the firm’s premises for appointments during the lunch break from 12.30 pm to 2.00 pm;


Preserving the environment is also one of our prerogatives and we have put in place rules to promote its protection:

  • We make employees aware of selective sorting and energy preservation (turning off computers and their displays, turning off lights as soon as possible…)
  • We sort: paper, plastics, cartons, cans & metal, batteries, bulbs & allogenes, Nespresso capsules with the program « Ecolaboration », bottle caps…

Although these actions may seem too small regarding threats the Earth is faceing, we have the real will to act as hummingbirds, particpating the best they can in protecting their environment.

Besides, we are open to any suggestions that could lead us to improve our participation in the preservation of our beautiful planet.

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